I’m Feroza, I am a fine art graduate and someone who’s obsessed with photography. I love to manipulate my photographs and play around with perspective.

I will be writing letters to different cities that I have travelled, will be travelling and want to travel. A mixture of reality and imagination. I like travelling to lesser-known places of the world and tell stories about my experiences through letters and photographs.This blog will tell stories about a girl who was brought up in the middle of a small city surrounded by mountains (Quetta, Pakistan).

I’ll be honest… I don’t consider myself as a good writer, and I know I’m not. I do tell stories, but those stories are told with photographs. I was brought up in a small city in Pakistan, the city is surrounded with mountains and waterfalls. It became ordinary for me because I use to see it everyday, I could see mountains from my roof top. It became ordinary… until I moved to another city( Karachi) in Pakistan. This city was a visual chaos, I couldn’t see mountains anymore and instead of mountains I saw huge buildings. And I realised that all these years I took nature for granted, but it was something that I will always cherish.

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