I’m Feroza, I was born and brought up in Quetta, Pakistan, I went to Karachi to complete a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. Since graduation, I have constantly been on the move, which has fuelled my passion for travel and begun to deeply inform my work. I have been using letters and photography to tell small, fragmentary stories emerging from my travel experiences in different places. My work explores the potential of letters and its parallels with photography, using text as object alongside photographs and found material, in boxes.  

Letters reveal only a fraction of our lives and emotions as we travel through a place. I use mirrors, magnifying glasses and other optical distortion as letters in my photography to focus on minute aspects of a landscape, to glimpse and hint at the stories lurking in the details, to open them up for the viewer’s imagination. I also use mirrors to suggest what I perceive as movement, often disorienting and destabilising, of still objects through the various pasts that infuse the present, and to reveal feelings and emotions accumulated in objects and environments over time through their silent participation in the human drama. My photographs evoke nostalgia for the pasts that underlie present moments.   

An abandon staircase, once crumbling under the pressure of continuous use, gives me chills as the silence begins to reverberate with voices of past inhabitants. A cot in the garden of an ancestral house, under the shade of a flowering bush, tells about two lovers conversing in the afternoon. These spaces reach out to me with their stories, and I tell them through photographs in the same way as letters tell stories of our lives, in fragments. 


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